Interview made by Martin Lazarte Castro


Interview made by Martin Lazarte Castro

1- How was the beginning of the band, why did you change the name of Amaymon?
Ben Count Nocturon Maiben (rip), John Blackthorn, and I started the band in 1993. We settled on Amaymon in 1994. Before we had five songs completed there was a band in France who called themselves Amaymon. A former rhythm guitarist, Tony Iron Tyrant Baron, suggested we call ourselves Ezurate Winged- later to be called Ezurate after Sean Sellers killed his parents under the character he created in a Dungeons and Dragons game. No we are not gaming dorks! If you ever knew John Blackthorn, 43, of Chicago, IL, USA then you would understand a person who has a driver personality style and acts also like Greg House from the television show House. Ben and John were the kind of guys women flocked around. Two snake charmers!!

2- The members are involved in other bands, how do you do to create music in different projects?

None of our members are involved in other projects. Ezurate is a priority to its members once a week. We rehearse Saturday nights in Chicago.

3- Did you still use corpse paint; do you think that is important to your music?

When I wear corpse paint I feel evil. That is the message I want to send to the listener. The music needs to back that message up; it needs to be loud, brutal, and fast. We wore paint when we started this band. Back then Black metal bands wore paint because it meant something. It wasnt a fucking joke!! Nothing has changed here. Tell me how Christian Black metal bands can justify wearing corpse paint? They cannot. This is because they want to enjoy black metal music, but refuse to let go of the control that their religion keeps them under. Is it wrong!?! LMFAO!!! It is not as long as they keep all of their prideful crosses at home in their closets next to their Sunday dresses. Heres a little piece of mind, ok. If you are going to a concert expect beer and loud music.

4- How are your shows, do you use any special effects, with what bands have you played? In the past weve brought a few props with us borrowed from a local church or two as well as hitting a few cemeteries along the way. In recent years weve played shows with Incantation, Mortician, 1349, Vital Remains, Celtic Frost, Type O Negative, Immolation, Malevolent Creation, Goat Whore, BSD, Quinta Essentia, Inquisition, Hallows Eve, Terra Noir, Blood Throne, Cardiac Arrest, Withering Soul, Venificum, Malas, Whorrid, Nethervoid, and Evil Incarnate, Kult of Azazel, Black Trinity, Genocya, and Nachtmystium.

5- Is Eve of Desecration your last release, are you working in a new stuff, do you create all in a way I said layout, lyrics and music?

Eve of Desecration is our latest and yes we are writing the music for the next two albums. We do have a cover made for Summon Thy Legions. We write the music and then encompass it with the idea of the lyrics. The album layout usually comes before the music. Do you like, enjoy, Eve of Desecration?

6- What do you know of Peru or Southamerica? Does http://www.metalperuano.cjb.net/ actually lead to shows? We were supposed to do a show with Mortem here in Chicago. Peru - Mortem, Anal Vomit, Crimson Death. Brazil - Old Sepultura, Sarcofago, Columbia - Inquisition, Internal Suffering, Pestilated

7- Have your music have changed since your first day, or do you are playing the same sound since your beginning? When we started we were playing a retro black metal- Slayer, Destruction, Kreator, Sodom, meets death metal- Grave, Hypocrisy, Deicide, meets 90s black metal- Mayhem, Immortal, Marduk, Dissection, Dark Funeral, Emperor. Sweden and Norway were taking the reins away from Florida and California. Our listeners love our demo shit because it has some great satanic death metal. Nowadays we have been labeled by our trademark speed, brutality, and evil vox. We are better song writers and now encompass our music with harmonies, melodies & acoustic guitars.

8-Are you pagan or more satanic, are you follower of La vey or Crowley, why? This band is purely Satanic. We dont follow, we lead! I am interested in the history of the Pagans and Celtic people.

9- Do you have plans to record any split, with what bands will you want to record a split? Ezurate would be interested in doing a split with another band, but we have no offers.

10- Why are you in a band, which was the main cause that you form a band? I continue to do this band into its eighteenth year because I enjoy playing and writing this style of music. I formed the band with Ben and John looking to go extreme away from the direction Heavy Metal was going in.

11- How do you feel after the dead of Count Nocturon, was hard to the band? Ben was a caring spirited soul. He cared about his two sons, his family, and his ex. He couldnt contain his sobrieties which lead to his deterioration. He passed away from a stroke at the age of 36. I miss him dearly. He brought John and I back together after Johns three year absence from the band in 2003. I wished he could have been on one of our cds as opposed to the demos. Ben walked the walk and talked the talk. He was the real thing. He was the American Version of Dead. He planted the true seeds of hate. He had a darkened soul. He was a great showman. It has been hard on the band because we lost a family member.

12- The politic is important to you, is useful to the mankind?
Illinois politicians have made Illinois the most expensive place to live in the world. They are greedy and need to be stopped!

All gentle cant and philosophizing to the contrary notwithstanding, no people in this world ever did achieve their freedom by goody-goody talk and moral suasion: it being immutable law that all revolutions that will succeed, must begin in blood.

MARK TWAIN, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court The wind of revolutions is not tractable.

VICTOR HUGO, Les Misrables If you have not seen the day of Revolution in a small town where all know all in the town and always have known all, you have seen nothing.

ERNEST HEMINGWAY, For Whom the Bell Tolls

13- Any future plan?
We are going to continue writing good music. If we can get some label /tour support we would be glad to tour the world.

14- Any last comment?
~D~ Sir Marbas Daemoneus Hellstorm (ctnokkuron@aol.com)