Agorazheim: Demons wall - Ep 2004 - Spain

I know which this work has been release some years ago, but is an honour and pleasure to do a review about it, because I liked so much the band when I finally can obtain it a nd their music only get to demonstrate all reviews that I was reading. The band As you can see it, it comes from SPAIN, a land with many great bands like NUMEN, DAEMONLORD, BERSERK, CRYFEMAL among others. So, If we only dedicate to their music overview we can find out some interesting influence besides, like bands: DARK FAITH, DIMMU BORGIR and any NORSE band more. Musically we can speak over two ways, the faster black metal as gothic even more symphonic, where the two vocals are mixing, giving a best perspective to each track, the corrosive man vocals is most in the DARK FAITH/DANNI FILTH vein and the other is clean, soft and sweetie, in comparison with similar bands, theyre playing more faster and brutal. I dont know if the band will be release anything else more in a few time, but at the moment its the best production available of them great.

Bladesmith (Fin) - Darkness Remains Unsent - Demo I 2007

The demo contains seven funeral themes, an original black metal in the style, it will be because the band is only a member Erik Wray. The majority of songs have in the middle of the themes effects and keyboards to the GRAVELAND and BEHEMOTH in their first reeleases, but as I repeat only in the effects. Apparently the drums is done with keyboard but that is not left to notice very much because the style is rapid enough but understandable and not coming to the boredom. The songs become in English such as "Dark and Iron Blood", "In Where the dragoon awaits", "Orb of the Virulent lowlands" among others. A good demo that has for a while in the Finnish scene.

Crescent Shield - The Last of my Kina USA CD 2006

What can show us a Power Metal band? Sometimos nothing new, all in the same line of Hammerfall. But and Crescent Shield? Damn, Crescent Shield is a Tradicional Power metal band raising from USA. This is really amazing all teh force and power in this 4 piece band. All the members are no new in a band, and they show all teir potencial in this reelase, the voice of Michael has tones like Ozzy not a lot like Sabbath but more aggressive like the same Ozzy. The guitar works get the best part with an amazing riff work, filled with the right drums beta and teh bass tunning the songs. This band is a great mix between the Tradicional Power metal with hints of Epic acts. So if you are into Iron Maiden, Jag Panzer or Manilla Road keep an eye on it. Visit at: http://www.myspace.com/crescentshield.

Denouncement Pyre Barbaric Vengeance (Live)

To talk about the Aussie scene is unnecessary. This Live Tape was released here in Southamerica throw Tormented By The Undead Rcds from a concert made in 2005. You can feel in direct the sound of this great band. Total Blacktharsh in the old vein, maybe you can heard some Holocausto parts and more with the lyric themes i think taht their style must be War Metal. When yuo will fins the Caos side you will not continue with the Homicidio Side, this is total chaos song after song. The Aussie troops are in teh front of the march. Dont be in their way. Arghhhh!!!!!!! Tormented by The Undead: tormented_by_the_undead@gmail.com
Site: www.tbtu.th

Deathbringer: Promo Version CDr From Homo Divisus 2006 - Russia

The RUSSIAN scene has become one the best behind of the east EUROPEAN, Giving us great bands together with UKRAINE and LATVIA countries. Mostly of them are influenced by BLACK METAL and some awful doctrines like NSBM. but here We have to introduce a band which deserve all comments; their music is almost perfect, in the same line than earlier years of ANNIHILATOR and WATCH TOWER bands. Their musical inspiration goes from PROGRESSIVE to DEATH to some license to THRASH but the beautiful rhythms have the strength that they needs to do which the end product be good. And As you can read it the highly techniques used to create their music it does to be one the best techno death bands around the world. Tracks like: AVERSION and BLACK PILGRIM can describe as their music are sounding electrifying and intense with rhythm changes a lot, riffs up to down, and the guitar solos are fucking great, sometimes are complicated others are simply but effective. I believe that were in front to the new techno death metal gods with great creative spirit and fresh death tunes inside your minds, very innovative stuff and could be one the best album of 2006.

Destruction - Inventor Of Evil (Candlelight USA Records/2005)

2 years after "Metal Discharge" have passed and I think this new release "Inventor Of Evil" is one of the most heaviest of albums they have ever released!!! With Schmier on bass/vocals, Mike's guitar onslaught and Marc's killer drum attack tears apart your speakers. . Deaf defying Thrash Metal this band has stayed true to their Thrash roots since first banding way back in the early 80's. This album not only consists of heavy guitar but there is variety Mike breaking out the acoustic plus guest solos/backing vocals by numerous well-known vocalists. But I'd say what stands out most here is the guitar Mike's riffs are catchy not on just "Soul Collector" (track 1) but this whole album's entirely noteworthy and thick. Very well produced as well each instrument mixed quite well and LOUD as all hell! Lyrically filled with much emotion (HATE!) in which every song is well written. I'd have to conclude that overall "Inventor Of Evil" IS one of Destruction's best releases to date. These guys are still Thrashing well into their 40's! Plus "Inventor Of Evil" remains as being quite original in terms of the guitar and vocals.

Here are brief summaries of each track: 1. Soul Collector: Fading in comes some seriously heavy distorted guitars backed with killer bass and drums. Sweet vocal effects as well then Schmier's trademark vocals. One of the most memorable tracks out of the whole album!!! 2. The Defiance Will Remain: Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie! This track isn't the catchiest though a killer chorus I will say. 3. The Alliance Of Hellhoundz: A few guest guitar solo appearances by Harry Wilkens, Ferdy Doernburg and V.O. Pulver. Guest vocals by Biff Byford, Messiah Marcolin, Peavey Wagner, Doro, Mark Osequeda, Shagrath, Paul Di Anno, Peter Tagtgren, Bjorn Speed-Strid and of course Schmier!
4. No Man's Land: Pretty catchy guitar riffs here and great backing vocals! The chorus is sweet nice drum fills!!! Mike's leads include some of his better ones actually. I admire his rhythm guitar though his soloing not his strongest suit.
5. The Calm Before The Storm: Cool acoustic intro with vocals, drums and calm lead guitar. Soon to follow Mike's distorted guitar licks backed with killer double bass from Marc and memorable vocal frenzy done by Schmier of course. Some catchy riffs here pretty damn killer track!
6. The Chosen Ones: Opening with some heavy guitar plus guest solo and licks by Harry Wilkens. Fast riffs accompanied by Marc's sweet drum output along with sweet backing vocals. Some of the best riffs of the entire song featured here!
7. Dealer Of Hostility: Awesome intro/main guitar riffing done by Mike! Some cool backing vocals as well. . One of the best tracks on here!
8. Under Surveillance: Sweet intro drum rolls by Marc then enter guitars! A slower paced track filled with some cool leads by Mike. The song has some tempo changes sweet licks under the vocals by Mike. The chorus rules!
9. Seeds Of Hate: This track doesn't start off so catchy but then enter some of Harry Wilkens' licks plus his guest solo on this track. Sweet backing vocals as well by Messiah, Inga Pulver, and Andre Grieder.
10. Twist Of Fate: Pretty cool riffs by Mike here not some of the best on the album but nevertheless still good. Sweet ass chorus though! Intense backing vocals also! This song is anything but boring!!!
11. Killing Machine: Now this song simply kicks ass!!! Aggressive, noteworthy guitar, accompanied by sick drums. Pretty uptempo as well! One of the best tracks on here! Schmier's vocals plus the band backup vox destroys! I'd have to say some of Mike's best thought out riffs here no joke!
12. Memories Of Nothingness: Pretty cool change from the heavy Thrash of previous tracks this song in clean tone format. Sweet melodies and lead great way to end this triumph of a release!!!
Rate: 9.5/10.
Reviewed By: Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

Eternal Majesty: Night Shadows - Ep 2005 France - 5 Tracks

Fucking damn it!!! I was awaiting this stuff for a long time, but at last I got it. ETERNAL MAJESTY is a well known band into the black metal circuit, inclusively they have release some split CDs with: JUDAS ISCARIOT and plus other with: ANTAEUS, So you can imagine the quality of this product. Unfortunately, I cannot listen their previous splits to know more about it, but NIGHT SHADOWS, is giving all I need for the moment. I think which many people are thinking as me about ETERNAL MAJESTY with their musical path, because is very influenced by NORSE sound, violent, fast and furious, but also they have adding extra corrosive guitar riffs and potent rhythm changes that makes of this CD a good work. NIGHT SHADOWS Ep has it all in one single word. If you need only BLACK METAL this is for you. It is truly good.

God - Hell And Heaven - Mcd 2006 Portugal - 5 Tracks

If I could describe it in only a single word to this masterpiece will be BRILLIANT!!! I know that everyone involved into the metal scene has knowing about them. As you know theyre playing a great VIKING metal tunes and this masterpiece is the most recently work. After seven releases out I guess that its will probably reminded for all metal bangers. Ive been listening this stuff for a couple of weeks and sincerely I found it great!!!! The heaviness of the guitar is very loud, the rhythm are developed to maximum, all in perfect communion with the Viking tunes its a music to play it loud to feel it, without choose any track only let to run. The great accomplishment as band makes to this CD a masterpiece that always will be careful in your collection. Complety great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graven - The Shadows Eternal Call CD - 2005 - Undercover Rec.

To begin, what can be said of a Black Metal band with an excellent sound? And if yet it comes from Germany? I think that is good, but up to when of the same thing? This CD is not the exception, the typical black metal with influence to BURZUM(that disgust), DARK THRONE and SATYRICON, the sound makes me remind the " Dark Medieval Steal " not beyond the common at all except that now these ancient bands enrich with their painting faces cheating any western one that does not come not even at the age of twenty, for what we hope that this band does not come to the same thing in the future! I forgot the Cd contains 08 themes of a black metal to the already exposed, for this reason, if you want to move back beginning of the nineties listen to it!.

Insanity - From The Grave - CD 2006 USA - 15 TRACKS:

Here I have in my hands the long awaited death metal masterpiece from San Francisco -USA. At last can see the light!!! This work includes their rehearsal demo 85 (with his own real recording sound), DEATH AFTER DEATH first full length album and other plus more demo. I know that new Hell/death bangers probably dont know anything about it So I decided to give you a brief intro. They were formed at 1982; and were based on the early death metal tunes that were made by other Godly bands like POSSESSED, DEATH and MORBID ANGEL. But I can a sure that it seems different to this bands and they have had their own trademark. The band did several shows playing together all extreme death metal bands of the eighties. After several problems the band had died at 1998 but their music is alive yet by the pleasure and pleased of all death metal lovers. The band sound can be compared with early MORBID ANGEL and POSSESSED but they were playing more speed than above mentioned bands; being the musical structures and guitar develop the best in each releases. Then, they were gained respect for the high quality of death metal, being one the best band for all tape traders of the eighties. In fact I think which If the band still would be playing , that's would be the best band nowadays!!! Tracks like FIRE DEATH FIRE, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, MORBID LUST and POSSESSION only show us how the death metal must be played. Faster, technical, rawest & bloodiest killer.

In Torment - Diabolical Mutilation Of Tormented Soul - CD 2006 - Brazil

Another deathly band that comes from BRAZIL and How couldnt be, they re playing DEATH metal too!!! Obviously the music is So brutal and fast as their Death metal master KRISIUN do it!!! If were starting from the art work, its looks killer!! Good designed and the booklet is well complete too!!! So, If were going to their musical way We can find out Horror/gore guitar riffs, crushing rhythms and faster drum beats. Also has it extremely crawling vocals that combines perfectly with the extreme death metal a la CANNIBAL CORPSE & DEEDS OF FLESH, that they re playing. Then, Also We can notice some INCANTATION bases in the song structures. Do you believe which We can add anything else??? I dont think So..Brutal death for tormented minds!!!

Inis Gwenva - IInd Invasion - Demo 2005 - FRANCE:

If you were thinking which CRUACHAN havent replace on their FOLK way, Here I introduce to INIS GWENVA that comes to refresh this style. Inspired on old PAGAN tunes of their ancient ancestors and very influenced by CRUCHAN, Giving an excellent demo CD. Theres no doubt the musicians knowing very well their instruments, also they re solid as band. The recording sound is quite ok. Being only a CD-R demo, but the most important is the musical path, considering all shitty metal that lately has appearing on scene. Like I said before he musical and techniques which they re offering is following the same way than CRUACHAN, being the CELTIC music-sounding in all their instruments where the main of tunes has become. I know that it is not innovative or original, but it is a full of rhythms that would sound interesting If would be record on best format.
But I still found it very interesting

Inis Gwenva - DemoTape 2006:

Another Fucking killer stuff of INIS GWENVA. In this chance they have out put their first demos in only one tape. Its contain both demos on both sides and As I said before about it, the music goes at same level than CRUACHAN, is definitely only FOLK/METAL having as main inspiration old CELTIC tunes mixing very well with the strength and furious of metal music, As no one can be do it. Just at the moment which I writing the present review I was hearing the complete tape and I can prove it, all my comments. Their music involved all my mind, I don�t have ideas and the riffs were directly to my heart. I think that INIS GWENVA music has sated my thirst and pleased my ears, is by far one of the newest best band that I get contact great stuff.

Inrisorio Amen Blasfemia Ep Bra 2006

Inrisorio is another band from Brasil, playing an extreme Death Metal with grind touches. Fast, aggressive, raw; with drums that have no mercy with your mind and body. Inrisorio is a kick in your face to show you all their fury to other creations and weak minds. They dont need to play Black Metal to bring down all the statements to the floor. They have running in their veins sound like Sepultura (old), Genocidio or Necrobutcher with the most morbid times of Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse or Detente. All that you will find here are guitars cutting your face with their riffs and raw voice that made to explote your brain. One more time Brasil shows us how must be play the metal, no trendies sound neither posers!!!!!!.

Landoeydan 1066 Nor 2 Tracks

Landoeydan is a Norge Black metal band, I have two tracks of this young band. Well this is an one-man-band. The soundIis a black metal with folk and viging parts like the old works of Satyricon, Dakr Throne or Thyrifing. Open this promo Slagmark with a brief intro and the come some good riff and and not so high bass. The best song (well only two) is My Inner War that have a bit more changes but in the same line. This band must have more dinamic in their songs also I think that the most weak part is the programming drums. Is to fast to judge appropriatly but is he follows hsi ceration will be a new band with a lot of future.

Mercy Of Devil - Sodomy Attack - CDr 2006 Italy - 6 TRACKS

Really, raw black/thrash/death metal mid-to 80s inspired by old German metal. Old school thrash with black and death metal influences present Us 6 excellent tracks that makes me back to the eighties years; When I was hearing bands as PROTECTOR, NECRONOMICON, EXUMER or VIOLENT FORCE . Fortunately the band has had the prodigious idea of play at same level than above mentioned bands. Really, When I was watching the Cd art cover I cant imagine How they would sound, But I had a big surprise when the CD has running free at the CD player and I begun to jump up to my bed and my head goes to up to down I enjoy it !!!! Because the musical way have all elements that I wanted in a metal band; intensity, mid-tempo riffs, speed, in one single word Metal and more Metal. Its not original sound but they have got that this sound are back again!!!! Therefore, No doubt they re going to thrash to black to death metal all in the same track its great!!!!!!!!!!!

Mutilated Soul - Decomposition - CDr 2005 - 7 Tracks

ARRGGHH!!! Brilliant true DEATH METAL. Cool name, cool music, everything here is cool!! I know that in the Death metal there are tons of bands to choose from, Some great, some good, other bad, and the rest fall as they may. MUTILATED SOULS is a great band based on IMMOLATION and INCANTATION tunes. I didnt Knew about it. But I felt so sated when the first notes had running on the CD player. I dont felt anything like that since I got IMMOLATION: DAWN OF POSSESSION album. Truly I believe that I would say only one thing more about their music. The band are sounded very solid, extremely death metal and is by far one of the best death metal band Nowadays. simple great!!! www.mutilatedsouls.com

Nirnaeth - Thrown Athwart The Darkness - CD 2006 France - 9 Tracks

Lately I have receiving a great black metal bands, all of them have a great develop besides. And this is the case of NIRNAETH, which in my opinion its the newest IMMORTAL of the present century. At least when I heard it I felt the same sensation that I had with my first contact with these NORSE band some time ago.Their musical path goes to extreme, faster, evil & raw, sometimes are melodic as At The heart of the winter, later can be sounded like PURE HOLOCAUST even more IMMORTAL albums, but at time they have put out some interesting riffs in, Up and down, breaks and a few MARDUK touches. The best tracks are:ET NOX FACTA EST, BLACK METAL WRATH & NOTHING BUT ASHES. The band has taking seriously their career, and they showed me when their fast reply to my mail. Talking about the vocal part I can listen an excellent job, with a few screams and excellent background a la MARDUK& IMMORTAL singers. About their guitar work I believe which I dont have anything to add, its sounding great!!! Well, I supposed that All extreme metallers are strongly urged to get it now!!! No more comments www.nirnaeth.com

Nightripper (Col) - Adv. Hell Is Here - Nov. 2006

This adv. is from November of last year that contains two themes " Hell is here " and "Night Ripper", is one of the first bands that seems me to have listened to that contains a marked influence to SABBAT (JPN) regarding the voice and a small touch in the riffs, which certainly it is necessary to highlight for their advanced professionalism. The first theme makes notice the exposed thing always with a dose of thrash metal with the typical musical choir. The the second one seems me to listen the first DESTRUCTION's vynils, with the same voice to SABBAT. Really a good band with a prominent future ahead having in consideration to the Japanese influence, which certainly I hope that they have realized it.

Nocturnal Procreation - Ita Nocturnal Procreation

Another band of brutal Black metal but with technology that demonstrates it in the rapid changes and with hideen riffs that they do more interesting to the band, the voice with many effect at the echoes that make me remember for a moment to IMPERATOR (Death Live). The sound is very good and is left to notice all the instruments, the defective thing is that in the slow parts that return enough heavy the voice with effect doesn�t fall down in the above mentioned parts. As the themes are passing the rymths are changing into more harmonious which seems to me to be singular enough, but on having listened to the last theme really messes up everything technical of the previous songs.

Necrosadistic Goat Torture- one Nation Undergoat - CD 2004 UK - 5 Tracks:

As I can do a review when the band sound is a mix of BLACK/DEATH/ROLL to me is very complicate, but it doesnt mean that the band sound is bad. I found it a quite good, So, They re playing decent metal with many variants at time. I cant speak over influences because As I said before is very difficult to finding. There is not so much to say about the music, its going from BLACK to DEATH to ROLL added some mid tempo parts, others more speed, but the rhythms cannot be describe with words. You should be listen to know whats the music mean. Well thats all I have to say

Strandhogg: Art Of Satanic And Antichristian Blood - Demo/CD 2004 - Poland:

Nowadays many POLISH bands has got a great success and has got sign his own mark in the black metal scene as: GRAVELAND, BEHEMOTH and the mighty IMPERATOR, and STRANDHOGG is following this way and they re reclaim a piece of cake. Well, after a brief intro I start to describe this CD. The music is basically NORSE-sounding, as all people knows, it is very common in many black metal bands but at the time is efficient and in concept as well is similar, inclusive they have MARTYR/SACRIFICULUM- CARPATHIAN FOREST as bonus track. The guitar arrangements is simple, nothing original but it is contain all that black metal needs, strong, velocity and brutality. The disappointed here, only 3 tracks has become into the CD, it is very short to do a best comments and I need more to express more ideas. So, If I want to recommend it only I can do to all satanic and black metal followers. Good stuff

Shimera - Christian Annihilation - Selfrelease CDr 2006 Usa - 10 Tracks

This is definitely a record very rare, it contains all metal sub genres, from true metal to death metal to black metal, for this reason isn t easy to do a review of this band. But I would try. When I take contact with this CD, my first impression it was for the band corpse paint, instantly I think another black metal band likely mostly of NORSE bands, later I supposed that I will hear satanic riffs and pure fucking raw rhythms, but when I take note about their band address I had know about their sound, they re coming from TAMPA, Florida, The same land from Godly band MANTAS/DEATH and as you could imagine, SHIMERA have death metal touches , but I cant say that they re sounding like DEATH only I say they re influenced by TAMPA sound anyway They re exposing only death-sounding with satanic lyrics, where the main influence can be NUNSLAUGHTER and the godly band MANTICORE as well We can do a brief comment about their sounding; the guitar riffs are easy , shorts, and slowly at time; the drum parts are well executed with mid tempo and fast parts where her drummer havent difficult to play the rhythms. As band the accomplishment can be consider as good but always I need more and the band offer us only good intentions. Well, its only a good band. Surely can be better in the upcoming release, Where they will offer us more complicate stuff and best rhythm bases

Sensitive Man Organisation Greatest Lovesong Vol. 2 Ita Ep 2006

Can you image a Grindcore band playing about love? Well that way is trying to do it Sensitive Man Organisation, not with slow riff, sweet voices; if not all violence, aggressive and more faster than you can image. The songs are not short are more or less big some they have the enough time to crystalize their musical idea. If you try to search any idea to other groups you can put them in the old grind school of the beginning of 90s, like demos of Pungent Stench, Carcass, Meat Shits and otehr grind acts. You here have 7 cut (with Razor) to your more loveable times. Buy it to 4 euros. You can get more about them in www.myspace.com/sensitivemanorganisation

Shadows And Chaos (Col) Whispered Secrets At Night - 2004

This band was here sometime ago and after the concert we happen good time drinking in my house on the following day, then to give me a couple of CDs to do this review. This CD contains seven topics that include an original introduction then to continue with the music that to my point of view is a moderate combination of black/death very technical and innovative metal. Influences: the voice and rhythmic guitar totally seemed to the Rotting Christ's first CD with that rythms and musiacl pauses remind this band, of course that having mentioned the Rotting Christ's first cd we have to emphisize besides to bands that were touching almost alike R.C. like Varathron, Necromantia and Horrified. In the of the themes also appear an acoustic guitar giving personality to the band. Likewise is necessary to mention that one of the guitarrists also belongs to NightRipper so take your own conclusions conclusions.

The Oath - The End Of Time - CD 12 Tracks France - 2007

Sincerely I must be honest with all Our readers, it is my first time that I had contact with this band, and couldnt be better that listening this marvellous work. The band is in composition another black metal band but is not the typical NORSE band, the concept is going to GREEK sound, more or less to THOU ART LORD/VARATHRON influenced by, Where the powerful riffs has taking their leadership in perfect company of a mysterious keyboard, that always is sounding very deepest, obscure and savage. The CD it is contain 12 tracks all in the vein, Highly develop with the same characteristic that involve his music with mysteries, making a great devote legions to whose listeners. Well, to finish this review we can add in a few words. The band plays only true satanic & mysterious, occult black metal even more destructive and enjoyable stuff www.theoath.org

The Dead.- Start Killing - CDr 2006 USA - 16 Tracks

This band is formed by one member of Ceremonial Castings and Serpent Lord. Musically the band is certainty influenced by HORROR/GORE movie songs and its have a motive to create anything of they like. By the way I can affirm that their fav. Horror movies must be TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, NEKROMANTIA, FRIDAY 13, etc. Also their sund have nothing tod o with their other bands, here their rifss are no so complicated and more easy music, some like thrash/punk/gore. They have done 3 covers: Impaled nazarene, The Ramones and Michael Sembello, well really I dont know whatthey play that but Ithink that this band is their not serious part. Impetigo (Hails Mark), Macabre, Samhain, Danzing, Exhumed, Embalmer are diirect influences of them. Maybe we can see them in a creepy soundtrack.

Utlagr: Utlagr -CD 2005 - 6 Tracks - Canada

By the name I must to admit that I was expecting anything like TURISSAS, MOONSORROW or FINTROLL. But when the first track has running free I Stay totally pleased with this band and their music cannot be compared with above mentioned bands. So, If We re taking note about name probably We can be getting any confuse with another Viking stuff, but sincerely they re playing more powerful, speed and raw Than many band of the same line. Sincerely I believe which the band influences can be HELRUNAR/ SECRETS OF THE MOON/LEVIATHAN, as well they have added their own musical path, just this path has done of the present CD an enjoyable stuff. Because show Us the destructive power and musical quality of this band as noone other. Definitely, I liked so much their fast rhythms, breaks and the drummer develop, all in concept is great and would be better if they had added many tracks more to satisfaction of all metal bangers great stuff

Verbo Nero - Verbo Nero - CDr 2005 Italy - 5 tracks

This band is doing a black metal harmonic like the new or last Dimmu Borgir. If ,You re searching for a band full of keyboards and cool arrangements Im a sure thats for you!!! Musically this CD its well done with high rate on the complexity scale, very effective, but I guess that is the perfect shown as the band is going for. Also they have adding some more melodic tunes and few cool atmospheres that make it almost perfect. I think that the main line of difference with Dimmu is parts in the structure of the band, is not a copy is a good band and can do more and show more. I like this Cd and I know that they can show us more.

Vultus Vociferos - Ao Eterno Abismo - CD 2006 Brazil - 10 Tracks

I cant imagine anything else coming close to the intensity this brings Pure Holocaustic/Mayhemic Black metal. Very influenced by NORSE or I can to say SCANDINAVIAN metal. For someone that never heard SCANDINAVIAN sound, its well known for BATHORY HELL YEZZ!!! The band are playing so faster black metal As their metal master can did it To be real honest the band music can be consider like the best newest black metal band hailing from BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!! The sound can be compared to above mentioned band with a bit of brazilian feeling almost perfect done Just, I cant sleep when I heard their first notes, the riffs are cooldest and goes to up and slow down, giving a perfect communion between the blast beast and rhythms. This masterpiece has been released by the young but effective record label from Brazil called GENOCIDIO rcds. As well the band have recording like bonus DETHRONED EMPEROR track from the death/black masters CELTIC FROST. (Its perfectly well done). I havent anything else to add get it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Witchburner (Ger) - Final Detonation CD 2006 - Undercover Rec.

Another German band that belongs to the community of the HELLBANGERS! A thrash metal really good, at once I move back to the epoch of DESTRUCTION, SODOM bla, bla, bla; really that the HELLBANGERS's community that are taking the things seriously dozens of bands of this style releasing CDs as shit! This Cd contains 12 themes of pure german thrash without any influence of DEATH METAL!!!!! The classic topics that refer to Alcohol, Sex, Drugs and Satan! If we might compare with a group at present we would assimilate to Witchtrap of Colombia but with a better sound.

Weverin - Dark Is The Path Of Eternity - CD 2006 - 12 Tracks - USA

very primal black metal, more into the filthy and rawness melodies, nothing complicate, or anything else more developed, its only a simply black metal band that offer Us as they re feeling the black metal music into their minds and dark spirits. Their music basically is very simply, only a few notes were played in the tracks, where the main inspiration is the owner and almighty satanas. I dont have to add anything else because I dont have something in mind